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You fucktards. You complain when the board is over-run by garbage, you complain when the garbage is taken out. What do you want?! If you don't mind the smell then I'll stop taking out the trash. The report button is there, use it when your senses are overloaded by literal shit. Thanks. Admin 4 months
Let's keep the Wildchild drama off of this board. If you want to discuss this shit then either A) take it to Tinychan or Minichan, B) post within the "Air of Grievances" thread here, or C) just not post. Wildchild has the right like anyone else to post here as long as she respects what Punychan is all about, civilized discussion and fun. Mod 11 months
Don't post while stoned. Admin 11 months
Please, guys. If you want this place to die, continue to not spread the word. But if you DO want this place to flourish with intelligent posters and great topics, tell all your friends about PC. Admin 11 months
You need to start spreading the word to non-retards. Admin 11 months
So many dangerously stupid people… Admin 11 months