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The final piece of the triumvirate alongside Tinychan and Minichan. I hope to encourage more civilized discussions at this place as well as a "safe for work" environment. So please, no pornography.

Please read the rules and enjoy your time with us. We're a family here.

Some general guidelines for those who didn't read the rules due to them being TL:DR (too long: didn't read).

#1 Nobody likes a prick.
If you come here acting like a shitty person then be expected to be treated as such. Simple as that.

#2 Realize that any or all things here will most likely be satire or a joke.
So if you see a bigoted reply, know that the author most likely isn't a bigot. In circumstances where the author may actually be a bigot, we'll take appropriate action to ensure a work safe environment. But please, if you are easily offendable, grow a backbone.

#3 The staff reserve the rights to amend the rules or these guidelines for reasons they may see as justifiable. This also includes bans should such rules be infringed.
Let's discuss this first, mods.

Other than that, have fun on the boards. This thread will now serve as a place to introduce yourself to the community.