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New reply in topic: Lego Dimensions is amazing.

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I think the Portal levels, the base game plus the level pack and adventure world, was by far the best pack of the game so far. Doctor Who comes in a close second. However, the additional level for Back to the Future was a rushed retelling of the first movie. Like the developers spent more time on the adventure world than the level itself. Portal 2 felt like a literal sequel to the game as it featured Wheatley returning from space and trying to make up to Chell and round three with GLaDOS. Since Valve clearly cannot count to three I will forever consider this to be the final chapter in the Portal saga. During the base game level, it also felt like it was a spin-off of the game series. I creamed myself when GLaDOS encountered Hal 3000 from 2001: A Space Odyessy.

I eagerly look forward to seeing what else Lego release. They already confirmed for Year 2 to be making sets based on:

The Goonies
Powerpuff Girls

I have a feeling they will make and/or hope they made sets and levels and worlds for:

Bill & Ted
Star Trek
Cheers (highly unlikely)
The Terminator
Rick & Morty (highly unlikely)
Red Dwarf

I hope the sales for the base game and the Doctor Who sets encourages Lego and the BBC to make a separate video game. I also hope that Disney Infinity busts so Star Wars and Marvel could join the family.

I am having a blast.