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New reply in topic: I am in a lot of pain, fora.

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> Less than 4 hours of sleep + kratom withdrawal = a world of pain. I would rather have a hangover to be honest. I may have to break my rules and dose in the morning and not the afternoon fam. At leat I'm using lower doses these days.

I don't know much about Kratom, but take care of yourself, take it easy, and drink lots of water and try to stay hydrated.

Don't take this the wrong way, but are you currently seeing a psychiatrist? You said that you're taking lower doses these days so I'm wondering if you're self-medicating or are prescribed something for the depression? If you're prescribed medication then you may need to go in and raise your dose or try a new medication regimen, possibly sooner than later, if you aren't currently seeing one, then I recommend arranging an appointment with one. At the least there's a chance that it may work and help.