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New reply in topic: I am in a lot of pain, fora.

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Replying to Wildchild !NvEXY0NyQI


> I got some sleep and feel better
> Thank you. I am not seeing a psychiatrist but I don't like medication.
> Thank you for giving your valuable and limited time making that reply.

Would you at the least consider seeing a psychiatrist and trying medication if you get to the point where you're at the end of your rope before commmitting or attempting suicide or doing something on impulse? Would you be willing to try medication if you get to that point where you're willing to try it as a last resort before doing something you may regret on impulse?

For non-medication approaches then try meditation. It may sound like a cheesy suggestion, but I mean actual Bhuddist meditation and not that "love and life, imagine your spirit animal" visual meditation. Meditation has been proven by neuroscience to have an extremely positive effect in terms of the treatment of depression and has even been incorporated into treatment at some of the best psychiatric programs for that reason.

Even if you aren't a Bhuddist then I strongly recommend looking into courses or classes on meditation.