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I have/had time for one email reply (to someone here) and one post on TC and one on MC and now its major work yet fantastic fun for the most part work and its a Sunday.

Tripcodes. May I suggest the next time anyone reads on the net anything Technical such as
> Secure trips have two exclamation marks in front of them.

Try this Y don't cha

Submit the question are secure trip codes worth more shit than the more better shit I buy at HomeDepot for feeding my plants?

Sure you can make the Google search question much more short - So try that and ask IS there such a thing as a secure trip code?

Anyone with a gaming capable computer - And I mean the Water Cooled CPU variety - Just a few minutes to crack any regular trip code and just a few more minutes Longer to crack the secure trip code.

MD5 is 128 bits long hash is child's play to crack with a gamer computer and any teen in any university that has access to one of several Supercomputers can crack 128 bit hash in milliseconds once the enter key is hit. Why not make the trip code super super super secure? Ask any Mod who has been around 4Chan for a few years why 4Chan had to block trips that were super super super secure.

The only security you all have is your own Sanity - Keep that. Now for me I am about to hit the road to a Cell base station at the corner of 5Freeway and 78 which is a major money making site for Verizon AT&T T-mobile Sprint and a few off brand bits of junk and its filled with mass of breadboads simulating CPU's of the future - One has 64 8 Core CPU's to do in theory what just one chip will do in 2023 and that is really no big deal. Tacked on to that mess are a pile of Silver plated Cans and I do mean Cans - banks n banks of Cans - Mechanical simple parts that temporary are tasked with solving problems CPU is not speedy enough to solve currently.

Each new hire PhD looks at my pile of Cans and shakes head so I say OK go to your office sit down and put on paper another solution that will make FCC happy while making the damn system work without diving the competitors in the same shack crazy cause without my pile of Cans - Verizon beta test stuff shuts down AT&T T-Mobile Sprint and Homeland security stuff starts to actually put out smoke setting off the smoke alarms - One should never jam RF energy of many Watts into a receiving antenna only a few feet away that is designed to accept micro watts without the antenna preamp smoking up the place.