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New reply in topic: Airing of Grievances

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Replying to Wildchild !!1bIOm/Joa


> >It was because people were spamming about me and they figured the easiest solution would be to ban me and all spammers, not because of anything I did per say.
> And you know this how?

Because there was some person or two spamming constant threads about me, and I haven't really broken any rules there, so I just assumed using deductive reasoning that they did because it was the easiest solution to get all the obsessed people to stop posting.

> At which point you'll be permabanned for evasion.

Don't most bans automatically start as a permaban? I haven't posted there or have any reason to post there, so I don't even know if I'm able to post, but can you explain how lurking without posting is considered to be evasion so I'm clear when I don't even know if they meant to IP ban me or not? Because of the way people seem to react and obsess over me both on MC and TC then I don't find being banned from any of those sites to be too great of a loss.

Do you actually have a grievance about me to post in this thread? because I feel like your posts about me so far have just been excuses to obsess over me and I am wondering if you have an actual grievance that you have been leading up to?