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Topic: I had a dream about the Mandela Effect.

Catherine !TGirlYJKXM started this discussion 3 months ago #724

I was at a Hockey game and I was moving throughout the arena noticing that changes were occurring rapidly. I felt like a slider except they slide from universe to universe without one interfering with the other one. This was essentially the Mandela Effect on steroids. I went to the souvenir shop to buy a Momo stuffed animal like I always wanted. Not sure why these would be sold at a hockey game, but whatever. I get there and see it with the other stuffed animals then I turn to get the attention of a clerk and come back to see it was never on the shelf. The clerk looked at me with weird eyes. I turned to look at him again and then turned back to look for the stuffed animal to find that the shelf changed again to hold boxes and no stuffed animals at all. Prior to coming to the stand, I saw Chris Jericho with long hair, I even asked him how long it took for him to grow it out since he cut it short a few years ago. When I went to return to my seat he was sitting with short hair and some guy in front of him had the same long haircut and spoke with some kind of Scandinavian accent. Jericho is Canadian. I had a hard time finding my section again because it wasn't there. I started screaming and everyone was getting pissed. They wanted to through me out, but I started running. I saw my brother dressed nicely ahead like he had a presentation to do, but he was wearing a black tutu which he revealed that he had kneepads underneath telling his girlfriend he was dropping off that he was going to propose to his boss that everyone at his work wears them to prevent from getting wet. Then my mother picked me up and I asked how she felt about my transitioning. She grew sick of asking that question so I knew that nothing changed here. But the entire dream felt like I was either in a universe that was colliding with many in an apocalyptic event that nobody knew about or had any control over or I was going mentally insane.

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