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Topic: Why do nerds feel so threaten by female protagonists?

Anonymous A started this discussion 1 month ago #749

These are most likely the same people who complain about Twilight being the worse movie ever made even though they weren't the targeted demographic. It's like they don't like women participating in their interests or have movies made to tailor to their nerdy interests. The nerdiest of the women tend to align with them, but still, why are nerds so threatened by women intruding upon their sacred nerdy interests.

Now I honestly do not suspect this is misogyny or sexism, but I am willing to call this phenomenon Gynophobia since there has been a long stigma of nerds being afraid of girls and women. The only difference is that stigma is usually associated with nerds in high school and earlier. Not grown ass men who most likely have jobs. Why does this gynophobia exist still?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3 weeks ago, 1 week later[^] [v] #1,884

Because they're gay.

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